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                                 there are many uses of the social networking sites but there are even many problem caused because of these social media. the social networking sites are used by every one now including the school students who are below the age of eighteen years and too young children also. they don't even focus on their studies because of these social media. the social media is now a big thing to use and even it is a mess that creates in our normal life. the social networking sites are now having many hackers and even others who can steal away our information and make our normal life a biggest mess we have ever seen till then. there is a good use of the social media network I don't say that they aren't useful for us but they are problematic for the young school going students. the social networking sites would be good to use at first and if we aren't careful and alert of the hackers then gone case our whole information on those social networking sites would be taken by some one else and this can hectic for us. I would suggest every one not to use the social networking sites like Facebook, twitter, messenger and skype. I would rather suggest them to work up on useful networking sites like brainly and others.
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