Start-up India Stand-up India is an initiative launched with its complete action plan on 16th of January 2016. However, this scheme was announced earlier by the Prime Minister Narendra Modi during his Independence Day speech in 2015. This programme is a new gift of year 2016 to the young people by the Indian government. It will help them to set up their new businesses or innovative projects. In this way, almost all the youths of country will be encouraged and use their new innovative ideas to create job. It will be proved much helpful in improving the economic growth of the country and career growth of the youths.This initiative seeks the participation of almost all the major higher educational institutions in India through the online connectivity in order to be successful. This programme will help India to be a start-up capital of the world. The complete action plan of this scheme has been launched with the launch of Start-up India Stand up India campaign. Establishing a high-level, inter-ministerial panel has also been planned to create a friendly ecosystem to look after the innovation as well as evaluate startup proposals to ensure that whether they are qualified for incentives or not.This initiative is an effective effort by the government to assist startups in starting new business ventures especially those with innovative ideas and skills. It will help in improving the status of small and new entrepreneurs as well as creating new job opportunities for others. PM Modi has requested to each banks to support at least one dalit and one woman entrepreneur in opening their business. There is no lack of talented and skilled youths with innovative plans in India however they need some effective support to be encouraged and go ahead without fear of getting failed. All the IITs, central universities, IIMs, NITs and other institutions of India were live connected to each other for the successful launch of this campaign.
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