Today i saw an old lady on my way to school who was injured very badly..i could not stop myself from looking at her..i really wanted to help her...but i had my maths exam!...and i dint want to be late for my exam...i was just staring at her like a dum person but could not do anything....after i crossed that street i really felt hurted and i wanted to go back and help her...but i had no guts...i had no answers to give to my maths teacher,my parents and my friends....they would make me feel i did not stop...but even in the exam i was really worried about her and i really hoped that someone would her and that she would be fine...after my exam,when i was passing that spot again,i had tears in my i went home but i had  a late realization that a persons life is more important than a small exam in i prepared myself to help others at any cost and feel proud...
If we have cell phone we can call the ambulance or police