You found a book from the school library lying on one of the table of your classroom at the end of the day. you gave it to the class monitor to hand itover to the class teacher. However, he has misplaced it and is unable to return it. Discuss with your partner.a.What you and the monitor will need to do?b.How you will resolve the situation?(i need 5 solutions plzzzzz be quick its urgent)



Actually it was our mistake.We should not have given it to the class monitor.If we have found the book,then it our duty to handover it directly to the class teacher or to the concerned authority.We should not have given to a second party.It was because of our irresponsible nature that we lost that book.We can buy another book and donate it to the school library and can apologize to the teacher about the irresponsible behaviour and can give assurance that it will never happen again from their side.
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The monitor and you must search for the book
you must accept your fault
you must promise that you will never ever be so irresponsible towards any other stuff
if you dont find the book you must go to the nearest book store and get another book if possible
you must inform this case to the class teacher