Once there lived a king in scotland. In his past life he was most succesful. Due to certain circumstances he fell into economic depression. From there his difficulty starts. After some months he accepted the defeat and went away from palace . He climbed the mountain and sat near the cave. That time he saw a spider climbing the web he just watched it carefully and he noticed that it failed for the 1st attempt then watched for past 1 hour and learned a lesson. The spider attempts 6 timea for climbing the web but he didn't accept defeat and climbed the 7th time so he succeeded. So he understood if 6 doors are closed 7th door is opened for sure / Never accept defeat / failure is the stepping stone to success. (ANY 1 U CAN USE). Then he went back to palace he started the preparation of war with enemies and he got success in the war and after that he made the statue of the spider after the success in war PLZZ BRAINLIEST
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