You visit a place of historical importance with your friends and come across people who scribble their names and messages on the walls of the monuments.You feel this act not only showed people's indifference for their culture but also reduced the beauty of these monuments 1) what other problems do you think this could cause?
2)what should ur reaction be? 3) how should other people react to something like this? 4) How can u create awareness regardimg such things? 5) why do u think people in general are inconsiderable about such matters ? 6) How do u think can the authorities manage this problem? 7) How can the general people help authorities to solve this problem 8) why do u think will be the reactions of foreign tourists to this? 9) what impression do u think foreigners will form of us due to this problem?



All we can do to stop these things is to make them understand  that pasting posters,writings etc... will hide the beauty of our monuments. It will create a bad impression on the tourists coming in our country. And it is our duty that we should not spoil these precious monuments.
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