You went for a five day camping trip with your school. Write a letter to your grandmother describing your experience of the trip in not more than 120 words. You may you use the following hints: - sleeping in tents with friends - so many stars - bonfire in the night - singing and dancing around bonfire - adventure sports in the day - missed mother and father - session on how to survive in the forest.



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date ,

dear grandmother ,

as u know we went on a picnic with our friends to kulu and manali .

we enjoyed there very much and i was missing father and mother very much but as the five day picnic continued , i almost forgot mom and dad . we were sleeping in tents with our friends and  could not get much sleep so i and my friend rohan were sitting and dancing around the bonfire .

we enjoyed very much and i will come home after threeor four days and i will narrate the story agin to u . 

yours grandson,