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The minister of the tourism of the state is responsible for his own states tourism. there are many tourism spots in our country. the tourism of our country brings us a great profit in an economic way and even my good name and fame for those sties or the places located. the tourism in India is now growing more and more day by day. now a days there are many foreigners from the other big-big counties coming to India to visit all such place in our country. our country has many popular and even old andĀ old monuments and place to visit by every one. the tourism is now developing rapidly every were in our country just as a forest fore. therefore many people are willing heart fully to come and visit all such place in our country. the major places for tourism in India are " taj mahal, Charminar, qutabminar, red fort, gate way of India and hawa-mahal " there are many such places in India to visit
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