The best way to think of the difference between travel and tourism is one is part of the other but this did does not mean that they are the same. In short, tourism is a part of travel, but not all travel is tourism. When a person travels for tourism, he or she is traveling for leisure. This will entail a different mindset. This means that the people in the destination will also have a different mindset. They will set up business and other industries to receive people and capitalize on this. For example, just look at a tourist destinations - prices are higher and amenities are catered for people's convenience.Travel, on the other hand, is broad. People can travel for many reasons. For example, a person can travel for business to a remote region to start a mining company. If he or she does that, there might be nothing there, certainly no industries for tourism. There are other reason why people may travel - visit family, friends, funerals, weddings, and many other reason. These reasons may have nothing to do with tourism. 
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