1.Yes, education of village children will save them from poverty. Their forefathers, and fathers may be uneducated. But, if they get a chance to study, and if they become educated, it will surely rise their level in the society.
2.It will give them a place in the society.
3.It will give them a luxurious life, with satisfying all the necessities.
4.Earlier, their fathers, and parents were in a state of working so hard in their fields. But, they needn't be so cautious of it.
5.They can work in the job which satisfies their needs, and which gives them pleasure. 

6.Farming is a great activity, necessary activity, but the children who are willing to lead a luxurious life in the villages, will get a chance to lead a happier, and luxurious by studying, 
and getting educated.; and,
this will surely save them from their poverty.
7.Earlier, the children living in the villages were in an eager of learning things.
8.But, they were denied from the right to be educated.

9.And, this is the reason, why they were living in the "below poverty" region. 
10.If they get a chance to study, this will surely help them to save them from the poverty, and glitter like a gold.

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1. yeah the education of them can help them a lot than they expect but their parents don't allow them to go to the schools or collages.
2. they think that if they go to school then who will work them in earning money and they make their children to send to work
3. this  is leading to the child labor and the poverty
4. the education plays a vital role in every ones life's.
5. may it is the poor children or children from village or even the rich person's child.
6. the education can make us something that you or I want even estimate within ourselves.
7. the education of the children from villages can let them shine as bright as sun.
8. the education can help them a lot. hence I conclude that education can help them out easily than any other way.

9. I would like to help them out in their education even so that they can get rid of the poverty and child labor
10. the education can make them a lot and let them get out the poverty, which can even help the development of the children and even the country
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