You visit a place of historical importance with your friend and come across people who scribble their names and messages on the wall of monument although incidenct discuss with your patner
1) how you can create awareness regarding such things
2) what role students can play to check such actions



The great role in order to create awareness regarding such thing is played by the teacher. they can teach their students about the importance of these monuments and tourism. Such kind of bad habit of the people can effect our economy because this can reduce tourism. Government should organize the programs to create awareness in illiterate people.

Whenever the students are out, with the school or with the friends or with the family, they should always take care them. They must protest. They should teach small children that they must not write or scribble on the monuments.
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People have their own problems so they don't bother about public cleanliness .
they can impose a fine
they can take up the initiative to clean the walls
he can advice all his friends,family and aquaintances to not to scribble on the wall of monuments.
foreign tourists will think that indians have no responsibility and brains.they may speak wrong about us and our country.
we should spread awarness

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