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There is no specks of doubtful that technology and gadgets have become inseparable tool playing very crucial and awesome role in today’s modern tecno world. Communication:long long ago not so long ago people used communicat long distance by letter, but now everything changed where we can send and receive massage from any where in the world in a matter of second's World wide web( WWW)/ dot COM: gave a huge window of unlimited information .Any person/individuals can now access billions of information instantly . Online search engines also help individuals find any topic that they are looking for. Techno apps: if u take a look at morden device, which support many application software which doe's according to every individual specific need like navigation software/spread sheet/quick 0ffice where this helps u in finishing in manageable time . I definitely say that gadget is the stepping stone for morden generation, I know that many pathhole is there in using this but ethos is high depending on who is using it ,even in the future, technology and gadgets will continue to evolve and benefit humans in many ways even in second'sof illogical
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