Gather information about wireless communication system. Based on this information draw block
diagrams to describe a general wireless communication system, this must include : Transmitter,
unguided media and receiver. Find out how the different components of the system change with
the change in application.



Unguided media transport electromagnetic waves without using a physical conductor it is know as Wireless communication. Unguided Media transmission are referred to as the Wireless Communication. Unguided medias are air (atmosphere) and space (vacuum).

main components are transmitter, unguided media and receiver.
Transmitter : It convert information into signal suitable for transmission and inject energy into communication channel.
Unguided media : air or space used to signal transmitting and receiving.
Receiver : It receives signals and convert into suitable form of information.

Transmission :
* Transmission and reception are achieved by means of an antenna.
Configurations for wireless communication system :
1. Directional :
* transmitting antenna puts out focused beam
* transmitter and receiver must be aligned.
2. Omnidirectional :
* signal spreads out in all directions.
* can be received by many antennas.
Polarization :
vertical, horizontal and circular.

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