ST1: ----------- today i am going to ask mam for [place change. St2: but why just now you wee seated there. And again you want a change
St1: yeas the first part of the session is fine , but after recess the place stinks as all the students throw the food item , with scant regard for the food or about the repercussions.
St2” really i agree . i see many of our friends doing it. See they don’t know the value of food . they don’t know how many die for want of food. And also how much of pain mother would be taking early in the morning to prepare and give them
St1: fast  food is creating all hazards. They all flock the vendors selling eatables outside the school campus. How many times  they are warned. We should try our best
St2. We should tell such children why they should not do it. Or complain about them to our teachers. . teachers can play a vital role in changing this. We can have some small skits in assembly or even poster competition can be held.