the emotional bond with the banyan                  there are a big banyan plant in front of my home since I was a child and I used to water that plant every day and I used to do the same every day in the morning before I go to the school and even the evening after I come from the school. the banyan tree was really too much big so I used to dream to climb it up one day and sit on its top most branch and with the help of my big brother I could do it most of the time. I was too much emotionally connected to that tree. one day I heard my parents that they will cut down the tree now and try to utilize that place for the renovation of the house I was sad and even I was tensed that tree would be gone now I cant play with it any more. so I went near my parents and pleaded them not to cut down the tree. my parents did not listen to me and they just asked me to stop trying to safe that tree. I was trying to search for an good idea so that I can save the tree then my best friend gave me a idea to help out the plant. the idea was to try to apologize and request and plead them and say them the importance of the trees. I did the same and tried to convince my parents and this idea was superb hit and I could save that tree at last.
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