1)The best study tip is to make a time table and to follow it strictly.
2)Listen to and try to understand others point of view.
3)Work to the best of you ability and take pride in your works.
4)In class make it easy as possible for students to learn and for the teachers to teach.

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2016-01-31T22:30:48+05:30 a good listener
2.highlight the text that you feel is important
3.stay organized in school as well as at home with the help of a timetable.
4. if u have a mobile phone with social media and people calling you then instead of putting your phone on silent put it on flight mode.
5. use post it notes.
6. use flashcards. they are scientifically proven to help in memorizing
7. follow the time table you made strictly.
8. have a good diet
9. avoid disturbance.
10. if you are a music lover then instead of those pop music listen to study music. make it available offline from youtube or just download it.
11. write and practice every little thing
12.stay hydrated
13. dont make plans for visit to some places when you are not done with the syllabus
14. be comfortable. wear comfy clothes.
15. most important....take breaks

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