it is not necessary to follow our own religion ... India grants you the right to choose your own religion but we are forced to follow our religion because of our society ... mainly from our parents we get the pressure ....they start teaching us about how to follow the rules and regulations when we are just an infant people says that our religion teaches us how to behave in the society ..however humanity is our greatest religion and we should follow that only... there is actually no need of following religion like hinduism,islam,christianity etc.. according to me...they only draws boundary between peoples....
i hope it helps.. 
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There is nothing like you have to follow YOUR religion. u can follow any or be an omnist or a deist. it is your one can force you to follow a particular religion. it is a FUNDAMENTAL right.if u want u can follow a religion or all religions or no religions.
I would better suggest to follow no religion which causes only boundary and problems and complications among people.well, helping everyone is the best of all.