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yeah, surely it waste our country's resources ...i will request my friends means all the classmates to take it as there responsibility to save energy ...after all we are the future of our country ... and will talk to the monitors specially to supervise all the students...and if we don't understand our responsibility then who will understand... i will say to my friends that if we switch off the fans and lights when not in need then with that energy many small villages could be lighten up... and i m sure my friends will understand there responsibility and no more energy would be wasted.....
 i hope it helps...
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In school children leave lights and fans on in classrooms while they go out of their classroom for any propose. of cause we will feel bad and it is a bad practice. they are wasting the nature's resources tooo. the school authority can take actions. they can give a speech to the children about this. the school can make many groups among the children and can give duties for them. 
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