ST1: _________ Did you know yesterday _ashwini was upset . she brought money far her Photostat . and it was lost . she knows that already some of our friends have already complained of the same .It is our own class mates who are involved in this how to say this to others
St2: this is not a good sign. And those who are involved are left unchecked  means ,it will lead to serious issues  .
St1: aswini can’t ask her parents again for money as she is scared that her parents might scold her. And moreover last time too she suffered due to this. i am planning to give my Photostat copies and help her out now. . but how to stop this. What do you say?
St2: what i am planning to do is generally i will tell that our class mates are losing money frequently and this is not a healthy sign as we know who is doing this .we will also suggest that they should restrain from his or it will lead to serious repercussions.
St1: we can even tell our clas teacher to counsel them as this will prevent them from future problems.
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