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Ha r i drove fast he was already late for office he got up late it was his first day of his work . while he drove his car he called his sister jyoti one picked. due to repeated calls his sister called back while trying to attend the call he meets with an accident. he was badly injured.  he was taken to the hospital immediately. in house hari's sister and mother was very scared about hari because he was attending the call. after some time they got a call informing Hari was in hospital . they got shocked and ran to hospital. he was in ICU . doctor came and said that he need to be observed 24 hrs. after 2 days hari did not show any progress . on the 3rd day hari regained conciouse and asked about jyoti. he sw her and tried to talk to her something but it was failed he lose his conciouce once again .jyoti called doctor and doctor informed them that he slipped into coma. everyone was shocked. this had left them shattered . after some days he was bought home. whenever he saw jyoti tears came from his eyes every one was amazed at this first reaction . jyoti  expected for a miracle recovery. she tried hard to find the matter which hari tried talking to her. after few hours jyoti got a call threating her about herself. she was a victim of social media. she got panicked and started to get many more calls asking her the money and more things. in order to save herself she decided to suicide . she talked to hari about this and hari responded very quickly . although she got surprised she did not have any happiness . she even told that she is suiciding because she cant face the world . while she stood and started to go some one caught her hand yes it was hari who caught her hand and told her not to take wrong step. she knew that there would be a miracle recovery she was extremely happy for her brother but her life was at risk.
she told her brother the whole story and in response he
said that he knew this before her but didn't inform her last week was my
first day at office i was late but suddenly i got call from my friend informing that your photos was published in Facebook . i drove fast o inform you but in vain. from today onward we are one we will stand together and will find the truth. suddenly she got call from har's friend she was surprised then he called and said if u want to save your life cam and meet me . i have all dirty proofs with me. she just got shattered hearing  this hari got angry that his own friend cheated him. instead of jyoti hari went to him his friend was surprised to see him. he acted normal. hari beat him brutally and asked him about truth. he said that it was not joyti it was random photo and i edited it because i used to love jyoti and jyoti never accepted me because she never wanted to cheat her brother so inorder achieve my goal i planed a murder against you that was done as an accident but due to mu unluck you survived i thought i would loose jyoti forever but i understood that luck always favour me , u slipped into coma. then i asked jyoti but still she refused so i started to blackmail her through mobile phone by random calls. i called her decided to marry her forcefully but due to my unlucky u came out of coma and came here. hearing this shocked hari replied that i always considered you as my loyal friend but what you did in return only cheating i am ashamed to say you as my friend . after that hari's friend was handed over to police. from there on wards hari kept limitation between friends and after he lived happily with his family



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