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The answer to this is massive as the problems of everyday life are vast.

So, it would be useful to start with government. At the moment, most government is by guesswork and dogma. My own particular areas of interest have suffered very badly because of this:
This is not helped by bad science. In 1948, the work of a scientist Cyril Burt, was used as the base of the education act that year. It split children at the age of eleven into winners and losers. Winners went to grammar school, losers were put into dump schools called secondary moderns. Unfortunately it has been shown that it was forged.
Since the 1948 act, so much more has been discovered about learning. Yet, our politicians refuse to implement it. They instead prefer to do the equivalent of equipping our armies with musket, then blaming our solders for losing the battle.
The anti-scientific attitude is shown so well with Gove. The UK is 6th in the world for education, he wanted to 'improve' our education system. So, where did he go to get information to do this? The No. 1 (Finland) who's education system is almost the opposite to ours; NO! he goes to the USA which is 20th in the world. He did it because they use more or less the same as ours but worse.