Developed the following outline into a story about 150-200 words .
A merchant riding home fair ___________________ always negative thinking _______________ had earned lots of money sudden rainfall __________________ money got wet __________________________ cursed God ___________________ attacks by robbers ________________________ got fired at_________________________ but due to wet gun power not hit ______________________ saved life _______________________ thanked God for rain ____________________ realized whatever happens alright .

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Once upon a time there was a merchant.One day he had gone to fair in which he had earned a lot of money. But he was always thinking negative about each and every thing.This day while returning home as usual he was thinking negative that what would happen to the money.When he was travelling there was suddenly heavy rain in which the money he had earned got wet.He was very sad and angry on god. He then started cursing the Gods. To reach his home he had to clear the jungle which was a dense one. He then sadly remembering the incident entered the forest. Half way he encountered with the robbers in the forest. They took away all his belongings and the head robber ordered the robbers to kill him. The merchant got afraid and started pleading them to let him go but the robber took out his gun. He started praying god. The robber aimed at towards the merchant and tried to fire but due to rain the gun's mechanism had gone wrong and failed to shoot. The head ordered to leave him and they went into the forest. The merchant was very happy and thanked God for the rain. Then he realized how foolish he was to curse God. Without rain he would have died till now.