The term 'simple societies' refers to small-scale societies with a relatively simpletechilology. Such societies are not only small-in size but also their control over theenvironment is quite limited. With small-scale markets, their scope for specialisationin the divisibn of labour is restricted.
Different aspeccts of a simple society is -
1.1 Economics in Simple Society
1.1.1 Hunting and Gathering
1.1.2 Pastoral
1.1.3 Shifting Cultivation
1.1.4 Settled Cultivation
1.2 Systems of Exchange in Simple Societies
1.2.1 Markets
1.3 Social Organization in Simple Societies
1.3.1 Kinship Descent
1.3.2 Marriage
1.3.3 Religion Religion and Magic
1.3.4 Polity Types of Political System---€ephalous Acephalous
1.4 Colonial Impact on Simple Societies
1.4.1 Supply of Traditional Products
1.4.2 Introduction of New Crops
1.4.3 The Industrial Wage Labour
1.4.4 Pkoblems of Colonialism

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