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For the topic:
i) It is important for a ruler to win war because it makes him more powerful.
ii) It gives him prestige and fame.
iii) It proves the strength of the ruler.
iv) It gives more revenue.
v) It helps in the extension of his empire.

Against the topic:
i) War has never provided provided a pleasant sight to anyone; it has always been devastating for the armies and their family.
ii) It brings massive loss of life.
iii) The ruler who fails to win the war, has his reputation, his empire at stake (endangered).
iv) When defending itself against another country, a nation never lacks men, but too often, soldiers.
v) Disaster establish indestructible bonds between armies and their commanders.
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1. When a king wins ,he is saved from the humiliation of defeat. 2. The kings importance and reputation increases in the eyes of the people. 3. Winnin wars result in the increasing of empire. 4. When a king wins but leaves the place to be looked by the defeated king then he has to pay a huge amount of money. 5. The number of wariors increses in his army. 1.most of the kings kill themselves bcuz of the humiliation of defeat. 2. He loses a lot of money. 3. The victorious king takes away the queens. 4. His kingdom becomes shorter. 5. His reputation decreses.
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