This is because we don't have chlorophyll in our body which is important for trapping of sunlight and important for the whole photosynthesis process. Moreover our body structure is not the way plant body structures are. We can't produce our own food.
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YesYes but idea is not bad, I'm talking abt skin cells, if we attach gene to skin cells and take pioson gene out from chlorophyll then maybe it will work, yea? isn't possible! Our body doesn't have the capability to carry out various processes required for photosynthesis like light phase and dark phase! So it isn't possible! l
Don't u think 6the scientists have thought about this before? Even I asked my science teacher about this when I was in 6th standard!
yes i agree,there are some plants which have photosynthesis in daytime,it can possible if we make our body eligible,we have all elements and atoms for photosynthesis expect traping light element,.... maybe in future we will have similar thing like chlorophyll for body..... well thnx for answers, nice to meet you:)    
Maybe! :D Nice meeting u too! :D
We don't have chlorophyll which is very important for the preparation of food
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