Some Points on Non-Aligned Movement in 21st Century
1) Outdated Economic Stand - For years NAM has been trying to get rich nations to give aid to the poor nations .It wants that rich nations commit 0.7% of their GDP as aid. This figure has not been met, except by a few countries.
2) Lack of Economic Pragmatism - Many of the economic ideas which were in vogue in the past are updated today. However, many NAM members are rooted in ideas of socialism and state control, ideas popular at the time of Nehru and Nassir. This has made them impossible to move forward.
3) Duplicacy - NAM today competes with G-7, ASEAN and the Commonwealth, which are similar groups of nations. The other groups are more effective, as they deal with economic and trade issues. NAM does not do that, nor does it take up any diplomatic initiative.
4) Leadership - The statesmen who started NAM had a vision, today NAM has none. There is no leadership on global issues, and there are also disagreements among the members. As a result, the organization has no direction as to the path it should take.
5) Lack of issues - Nor does NAM have real issues. It could have provided some leadership on things like nuclear non-proliferation, child labour, poverty and terrorism, besides other social and economic issues. NAM desperately needs new issues and themes to focus so that it can play a meaningful role in world politics in the future.