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In the court presided over by the Duke, Shylock refuses to forgo his claim to a pound of Antonio’s flesh, in spite of repeated pleas from the Duke and Antonio.
The Duke seeing that the course of the trail is taking a harsh turn is about to dismiss the court, when Portia, disguised as a doctor of law, enters the court and makes a speech in praise of mercy, but to no avail, Shylock is still unmoved.
She then pronounces that he is entitled to Antonio’s pound of flesh- but the exact one pound neither less nor more; he is also not entitled to shed any blood.
Shylock falls in his own trap and asks for three times the amount to which Portia denied saying such a thing was not mentioned in the bond.
The principal amount is also denied by Portia in the open court. Shylock is frustrated when Portia declares  that his life and goods are at stake because he tried to kill a Venetian citizen.
Ultimately Shylock is allowed to depart with half his goods for his lifetime.

This is how Portia won the case over the greedy, Shylock.
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