Lady - Officer, I am Mrs. Bones. Please take my report. Officer - Yes take a seat, I will take your report in a moment. (drinks water and comes back) Yes madam. Lady - I had a gold chain worth five hundred francs (currency of France). I was wearing it and was walking on the road, when a man on a motorbike snatched it off my neck and went away. Here officer, look at the marks left when the robber snatched the necklace. (shows him her neck where there are marks). Officer - But it is just a robbery. The police is not for catching robbers. Please go from here, we do not have time to get your chain back. Lady- But officer, is it not your duty to look into every small or big problems of the civilians of your area? I request you to please find that robber. It is okay if you do not get the chain, at least find the robber and punish him. Officer - Okay madam, leave from here and we will look for the robber if we have the time. And you could have avoided wearing such expensive jewellery on the streets when you know it is unsafe. Civilians cause problems, and the police needs to run around all day managing them. Okay madame, do you have any remains of the robber? Lady - (very sad) I am sorry Officer Jones, for taking up your time. But this is very important, the chain hold great necessity in my life. Please try to understand. Officer - I understand. Now plesae, any thing that we could begin investigation with? Lady - Yes officer, I saw his face...
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