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                                           leader ship
leadership is a quality only few people have and which is very rarely seen in the person by himself. the most inspiring leader for me is Mahatma Gandhi because he led the people of our country in a good way for the sake of the welfare. the leadership can't be found in all the people.
                          the best quality in the leader is that he has the power to let others follow in his way and try to help them out but the follower doesn't follow his/her own way for doing something this is the major difference between the leader and his follower. the leader doesn't wait for someone's order or request he himself or she herself will implement his ideas.
                     the leadership is to be found by a person by him self not like some said that you are a good leader and you have good leadership qualities. the leadership comes inborn not by following some ones thoughts or ideas. hence I conclude that leadership will be with us from many years or decades with us only.
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