The process of converting a magnetic substance into a magnet is called magnetisation. Artificial magnets can be made by magnetisation in different ways. Some of the methods are

i. Single-touch method
ii. Divided or double-touch method
iii. Induction
iv. Electrical method.
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Single touch and double touch methods are methods to magnetise substances made of iron, etc. In single touch we use only <strong>one pole of one magnet and rub it across the surface of the substance in only one direction.

In double touch method we use two different poles of two different magnets and
rub them across the surface of the substance. We never slide both the magnets in the same direction in double touch method. Both magnets are slid in two different directions.If you are sliding the north pole, the south pole of each molecule will get attracted (opposite poles attract) and the molecules will get arranged in such a manner that the two poles will be left free at the ends.
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