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Well first of all decide what you really like......Science, English or whatever! You should think about what you love. Question yourself....In which subject do you score good marks even without studying hard, which subject makes you feel happy? Then think about the career paths/options in that subject. Do you see yourself taking that career as your future in say, 10 years? Will it make you happy? This decision is yours to make ultimately because only you know what you love and want! Good Luck! Hope you figure it out.

P.S - Just as a fact, let me tell you that if you take science then you can switch to other career paths(even those not relating to Science) too. But if you take commerce or anything else you won't be able to pursue a career path in science.
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Ohh..thatz a grt answer but m not daaat interested in science..!!
ohk.........u can opt for other stream then.....but only after deciding properly! u suggest me i can really go thru it..!! :)
When you should ask the ones who are now studying in 11th, 12th or above that! Maybe the seniors in your school....or ur teachers!