Help him out and tell to her mother
ok if he/she is good friend and u really care foe them then try to knw why that person is being irregular for last few days/weeks. after knwng try to explain ur class teacher personally instead of going and tllng her in front of our whole class. make ur teacher convinced to support her/him for doing her absent work as fast as possible. make her feel comfortable and urself too has ur r goimg to tlk about her on behalf of his/her side. tll teacher tht because of her/his shy nature she/he was not a
1) We should encourage him to open up this matter to elders.
2) He will have to share this matter with his parents,teachers or elders.
3) He should maintain personal hygiene.
4) He should go to a doctor and take treatment.
5) After treatment he should take healthy and a balanced diet.
6) Should take proper medicines and take good rest.
7) We should take care of him in our free time.
8) We should tell him what happened at school that days when he was absent and give him notes.

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