Rowlatt Acts, (February 1919), legislation passed by the Imperial Legislative Council, the legislature of British India. The acts allowed certain political cases to be tried without juries and permitted internment of suspects without trial. Their object was to replace the repressive provisions of the wartime Defence of India Act (1915) by a permanent law. They were based on the report of Justice S.A.T. Rowlatt’s committee of 1918.
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This act was introduced by british government in 1919.
It gave the govt inormous powers to supress political activities it allowed detention of political prisoners without trial for 2 years..
Rallies were organised in various cities workers went on strike in railways and offices were closed down.
A peaceful protest meeting was conducted at Jallian wala bagh in Amristar...
gandhiji started hartal against this unjust law on 6 th april 1919.
Jallian wala bagh massacre occured against the arrest of leaders..
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