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And the question which yiu have asked is a personal repsonse question and if you get such a question please write the answer which covers all the points which i have mentioned below as this is the answer which is expected from you :-

Today we are in the crisis of shortage of water . And wasting water is not a good ethic which is to be follwed and especially during summer season, as the importance of water reaches to great heights and many animals and birds die due to scarctiy of water and even the the thirsty plants starts wilting during such a serious condition one wasting water for silly purpose is comletelty out of line of a well behaved and socially praised person .

               And if i see my neigbours washing cars during summer season i will try best to make them understand how it effects their enviironment  and even tell them about its detrimental effects . And by this they would get a picture of how it crucial to save water . And even in the process i will tell them about some methods which can lend a hand in saving of water so that they get a hang of how to contribute towards water conservation  . And i would tell them instead of wasting water for their cars or for front yards i would tell them to save the same for water and to help others in case of thirsty . And overall making a good use of available water



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