Your friend is getting ready,so the school bus waits for several minutes for him since the driver keep the engine running fuel is wasted everyone is anoyed with your friend because they are kept waiting.what would the resultants problem and what steps to be taken to resolve the issue?



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I would talk to him in lunch break and just give him a suggestion to wake up a little early maybe 10-20 minutes so that he would be able to complete his daily  routine smoothly and be at the bus stop 5 minutes before the bus arrives. If he doesn't listen to my suggestion and make it a practice of coming late thinking they would wait for me then i will ask the driver to move for the next stop without picking him. So from next day he will be there early.
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I would also try convincing him to come early by trying to say that if he comes late everyone will be angry on him and not only him but eveyone will be late school. Due to this he will have no friends and everyone will treat him as black sheep. If he doesnt listen to this also we will complian to principal saying that because of him we are being late to school. I would also concert there parents and report this issue and also request them to wake him early and send him to the bus stop early. I w
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U can talk to him regarding d matter dat he should value tym U can say how dis habit may lead him to a problem in future Tell him dat become of him everybody gets late Ask him to come at tym as d driver when waits for him doesn't switch the engine off dis wastes a lot of fuel fuel in is a natural resource n if not used judiciously may get extinct Ask him to understand d seriousness of problem Ask him to get up early n go to bed early dat will keep his mind fresh n he will get a complete sound sleep too Ask his parents to monitor n tell d driver to switch d engine off Ask d teacher to monitor n make him understand
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