my topic is " school day and school life "

school school I hated you first
and even now I'm hating you
there are several reasons for it
I have to come to school and read and write
I need to submit notes to teachers
if I don't then the teachers would kill me.

I love you school only for few reason
I come to school only to enjoy with friends
I love school because of the games class
I love you school because I sit in last bench
crack jokes and make silly pranks on
my best friend and all the buddies sitting next to me.

I come school to see all my favorite teachers
I know I would miss these days and the my friends a lot
I would miss you a lot my dear school
one day I would be back after my tenth class
and tell to all my teachers that it is me
the same old naughty student of your
now I'm well developed settled because
of you my dear school, teachers and my friends
I love you too much my school and my days with you.
hope so my answer is useful and mark as best if possible ...^_^
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