(1) What happens to the position of an element in the periodic table when it emits:
(a) an alpha particle (b) a beta particle (c) gamma radiation
(2) State two advantages of using a right angled prism as a reflector, rather than a plane mirror?
(3) A heater converts 1kg of ice at -20°C to water at 50°C in 5 minutes. Calculate the total energy required and the power supply by the heater. Take specific heat capacity of ice=2.1J/g°C, specific heat capacity of water=4.2J/g°C and specific latent heat of fusion of ice=336J/g.
(4) Why transformer does not work with direct current?



When alpha particle emmitted nucleus looses two prton and electron so atomic no decreased by 2 so two place right .
in beta particle 1 position is increased