Sleepless Night Pillowed feathers, Caress a precious moment around my tender skin. *** Teardrops, bagged eyes, a way of sin The mirror reveals a lost eternal soul A conniving move against tonight's phantom glow Voices circle the insomniac moon Like magic and beauty, "I'm Gone With the Wind." The idea of love, broken like yesterday's wishbone. She is leaving today her arms, my shelter Her wings were immense teardrops, gone forever. Never will she suffer- Never will she return- All I have are lost memories, tracing what is left. One last deep breath tequila vice washing away the pain..... At Last Now I See! Under the drunken stars Yesterday I had an epiphany Falling like a match A sunken treasure At Last I Knew You don't belong in there, you were there for the taking Frail and sick, no longer sane. Memories lost, no longer - her My Mother! What has become of her since? You're a demon, who played us all Made us cry, while you slowly took her aside The way you laid waste to her body nip nap both her legs Fed her through a stubble She rapidly forgot our names' our faces' I hate you Alzheimer I hate the way you took her the first time! I hate you Death I hate the way you claimed her final moment! *** Sleepless nights and pillowed feathers, Caressing a precious moment around my tender skin Pretending my mother tucked them in Anything to help me get past my sleepless nights.