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The significance of meiosis :-1. It maintains the same chromosome n umber in the sexually reproducing organisms. From a diploid cell, haploid gametes are produced which in turn fuse to form a diploid cell.2. It restricts the multiplication of chromosome number and maintains the stability of the species.3. Maternal and paternal genes get exchanged during crossing over. It results in variations among the offspring.4. All the four chromatids of a homologous pair of chromosomes segregate and go over separately to four different daughter cells. This leads to variation in the daughter cells genetically.
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Significance of Meiosis:
i) Formation of gametes
ii) Genetic Information
iii) Maintenance of Chromosome Number
iv) Assortment of Chromosome
v) Crossing over
vi) Mutations
vii) Evidence of basic relationship of organisms.

It is essential for all sexually reproducing organisms.