food is very important in our lives, it is essential for everyone to be alive. Many people do not get food and die while some waste the food so it is very important not to waste food. In spite of throwing it , we could give it to the needy people and help them because agriculture produce is also less as compared to the growing population and some poor people could not also get food so its important to persuade not to waste food. This will enhance our future also and people will be aware too. 
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When I was a child, my father told me why I should not waste food and finish what I have taken in my plate. 

Here is the perspective he gave: “Son, have a look at the food in your plate. Think about the hard work of all the people that has made it possible. First, the farmer who ploughs the land, sows the seeds, then waits for the rain to arrive at right time. Then the crop has to be harvested, packed, transported and sold. We need to earn money to buy food and work for that money. Then, consider your mother’s hard work in preparing the meal for you. Son, it is the sum of all these hard works that makes food on your plate a possibility. So never waste food. Take as much as you want and finish it.”

We should also consider how lucky we are to get three meals a day in a world where millions are hungry and feel lucky to get even a single meal in a day.