Uniform Motions:-

1.The hour hand of a clock -  It moves with uniform speed, completing movement of a specific distance in an hour
2.A car going along a straight level road at steady speed 
3.An aircraft cruising at a level height and a steady speed 
4.A ship steaming on a straight course at steady speed 
5.A train going along the tracks at steady speed 
6.A cooling fan running at a fixed speed 
7.Earth moving round the sun  is an uniform motion
8. Movement of fan
9. A pendulum having equal amplitudes on both sides
10. A vibrating spring in a sewing machine
11. Rain drops fall at uniform speed  as buoyant forces balances 'g'

Non uniform Motions:-
1. A horse running in a race
2. A bus on its way through the market
3. A bouncing ball
4. Movement of an asteroid
5. Aircraft moving through the clouds and then landing
6. Dragging a box from a path
7. A man running a 100 m race
8. A car coming to a halt
9. A train coming to its terminating sop
10. A car colliding with another car
In the above motions, the speed of varying