Football is not the oldest collective sport but the most played in the world. In most of the countries, the part of the football budget in the sport one is the highest. Football is also the most televised sport in the world, thanks to sponsoring. It’s a money maker for a lot of people involved. Football players (at a high professional level) receive the highest salaries in the sport world. Rugby is also a noble and old collective sport. Rugby is above all a dangerous one. However rugby men don’t earn so much money. I don’t think that football players’ salary should be reduced but, I rather think that their salaries should be equivalent. Firstly, injuries are more serious in rugby than in football. You are going to tell me that football players are sometimes wounded. Though, lots of them simulate, with the intention of cheating. I know that it’s not their wish, that they’re paid for it. Take an example. When 2 football players are in the penalty area, the one who hasn’t got the ball, try to cause a tackle or fell down without reason, and then simulate “his death”. On the contrary, a rugby man, who bleeds from everywhere, whose ankle is broken, who lost teeth, will continue to play, regardless of his pains. My favourite player is Lionel Messi.

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