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Akbar was a greatest mughal empire after humanyu

his life start as an empire when he was just age of 13
he was very brave and warm hearted person  he always want hindustan to be a great country. 

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Akbar was a mughal emperor. He   succeeded humayun and he was grandfather of Shah Jahan. Unlike other Mughal Emperors, Akbar considered all the religions as his own.

He is also known to be fond of fruits. He is known to have planted about 1,00,000 mango trees in a place currently known as Darbanga. Akbar had nine gems in his court; one of them was Birbal, very well known for his wit.

He made a new religion called Din-E-Llahi. Akbar is very common character in Amar Chitr Katha and other graphic novels and comics.
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