my school's name is "____________". I love my school a lot because my school makes me feel special than any other place because our school teachers and my fellow mates try to encourage us when we try to do something. my school is a best place to study because my school try to module children in a good way that child can't even estimate or think. my school teaches children how to interact with others and learn good things and even it tries that students should come up with their own ideas and our school tries to see that every student learns something form their mistakes. my school has big and large playground in which we all high school students play all kind of games life football, basketball and even shuttle and we even play some indoor games like table tennis and chess and some other games also. my school is the better place I have even been through. I'm having a great and emotional bond with my school since in was in my pre-primary standards it self the school it self is such a wonderful place that every students loves to be here and study. our teachers don't force us for any thing they are just like our classmates with us. now coming about principal sir, sir loves all children and he takes care about all of us and even he tries be friendly with all of us. I know one day or another I would leave this school but also I'm in love with my school and teachers.
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Educational institutions are the true seats of learning. The students, who are really anxious to learn, can develop healthy habits only in the schools. In a school we are taught how to move in society, how to behave with others and how to progress in life.
I am reading in the Rashtrotthana Vidya Kendra - Karnataka. With a lush garden outside, the school building presents a magnificent view. Its grassy lawns and gravel path with flowers along its sides and the Peepal trees growing near the gate add to its beauty. Any outsider may form the idea that it is perhaps a memorial building.
Besides the beautiful building, spacious grounds and flowered beds, there are other things which attract our particular attentions. There is a grand swimming pool where every facility is provided to the students to learn swimming. The school has its own canteen where some eatables - hot tea or coffee and cold drinks - are always avail at subsidized rates. Hygienic conditions prevail in and around the school canteen. Besides, there is a cycle stand where the teachers and students park their cycles and scooters. An attendant is there who looks after the vehicles. The teaching is also very good. The teachers clears every doubt and if anyone did not understand a topic that would repeat it. They give importance to sports also. There is a large ground in which every 3rd saturday of the month there will inter-house competition. I am studying here from 5 years and i did not know how time passed. Now I am heartbroken that from next year i will not be here. I it like a place of worship for me.

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