Our friend is good at english,history and geography.however,his parents feel he should continue to purse science and become a doctor,even though he is not very good at science. What your friend can do to convince his parents,and what career options he could purse ?



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I would tell my friend that to plead his/her parents and let them understand her/his problem. my friend is good at English and history and even geography then I would say him to join a good journalist community instead of becoming the doctor. if he/she will do according to his/her parents  will then he might to be enjoying that work he does so I would tell him to do what is heart is saying to him/her and what is good for him he/she knows it. I will tell my friend to convince and request his/her parents and let them agree with him/her. I would even try to convince her parents from my side and tell them what will happen if their child will go according to them and if my friend goes according to her will and wish. I would even ask her parents once try to listen to their child and see what wonders she can do when she will choose her own subject for her future. is my friend does that then she can shine as bright as the sun in her future.
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He could tell his parents that all students cannot become doctor and for there are he can make a career out of English, History and Geography.
Career in English - You can become a professor by doing PhD in some famous Universities.
Career in History - You get in central and state government jobs after B.A in History.
Career in Geography - You can become a Geologist who just has to go and check at what depth water comes and they pay him Rs 5000-10,000 for one day.
I will ask him to give some examples of famous people who have made this a career. He should sit and talk to them that why do they need a job. They need it to earn money and settle in life so why doctor only why not lecturer or geologist. A doctor will have a hectic schedule he will have at any time if there is emergency. If a lecturer a specific time span. He can give attention to other matter that of home and children.
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