Does our universe have only 4 (3 spacial + 1 time) dimensions? Or just because we humans are three dimensional beings can see, feel and imagine only 3 dimensional objects, we say that our universe is 3 dimensional space? Can there be other beings in our universe it self who are attributed to more than 3 dimensions, for whom time would just be another spacial dimension? We would never be able to see, not even imagine such beings..
(two contradictory explanations would be appreciated)

actually the 4th dimension lies backside I think and not in another time



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No we can't live in fourth dimension and we just can live in third dimensions
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No, even 4 dimensional figures exist. they are visible, but are found very rarely.
If you wish, you can create them. Actually the 4 dimensional figures can be drawn 2 dimensionally. Real 4 dimensional figures appear 3 dimensional at certain angles. This is because their fourth dimension lies at the back side. 
For instance, the Indian national emblem, in the front view, we can see only 3 lions until we change the angle in order to see the 4th lion.
This is just an example. It doesn't mean that our national emblem is 4 dimensional, it's 3 dimensional. You can see 4 dimensional figures in google images.

NOTE: If you aren't Indian, it's possible that you've never seen our national emblem. Just try to search for it in net.
you are talking about the four dimensional objects on the web, they are just illustrations. they have created them by keeping in mind that how cube is to square, thats how a tesseract is to a cube.. Thats how they illustrated a tesseract but such objects do not exist in our universe or atleast we do not perceive them.. 
Imagine if you were just a two dimensional stick figure and a flat two dimensional piece of paper was your universe, then how would you even imagine or percieve a cube.. it would not even fit in your two dimensional universe.. you cant even find it  "rarely"/
fourth dimension cant even be imagined, its not backside.. in your three dimensional universe we have up & down, left & right, front & back. these are just the three sides of any object we can percieve.. if you talk about "back side" its just opposite to front in the same direction.. so its just 3 spacial dimensions.
My question was is our universe 3+1 dimensional or we just presume it to be like that just because we are attributed to 3+1 dimensions, but the universe may exist in more than 3+1 dimensions? Please refer the theory of time being just another non-spacial dimension and re-frame your answer, giving your thoughts about poly-dimensional beings and how can they interact with us. asap