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Curanderismo (folk healing) Folksong as an Ethnic Expression Blues Gospel Work songs Chicano/Black/Asian Ethnic Minority Families Changing Male Roles Changing Female Roles Child Rearing Practices The Single Parent Family Interracial Marriages Minorities in the Work Force Occupational Structure Youth Employment/Unemployment Women in the Labor Force Mexican Immigration Its role in U.S. economy Its role in Culture Maintenance in U.S. American attitudes Ethnic Minority Women in Political Movements Contributions Contemporary Ethnic Music Black influences Latino influences Minority Arts in American Culture Chicano/Mexican Murals Black/Chicano/Asian literature (poetry, novel, short story) Folklore and Folk Arts Ethnic Minority Movements in the U.S. Civil Rights Movements Vietnam War Farm Labor Struggle Minority Groups in American Politics Pre-World War II Post-World War II Religion in Minority Cultures Origin and function of the early Black churches Role of Catholic/Protestant Churches in Chicano Communities Impact of legal rulings in the education of minorities Lau vs. Nichols Brown vs. Board of Education Great Black/Chicano/Asian educators--past and present Issues in educating the Black/Mexican/Asian child race, IQ & achievement Segregation, desegregation, and busing Athletics vs. Academics in Higher Education Church role in Civil Rights Movement and Economic Development Family roles during slavery Matriarchal system--Myth or Reality? Impact of African culture on Black Americans Early African practices and beliefs Impact of Native American culture on Mexican Americans / on American culture Historical sketch of Blacks in Politics During reconstruction Right to vote Birth of Jim Crowism Impact of the 1960's Civil Rights Movement on politics Organizations: NAACP, SNCC Chicano Student Organizations Contemporary Leadership in current human rights struggles Impact of Black/Chicano/Asian vote Local, state, national Nutritional value of ethnic minorities' foods Racism in American Sports Racism and discrimination in American society Education The justice system Labor force Housing Research on the physiological/psychological differences of Black athletes Cultural revival movements Harlem Renaissance--writers and styles Contemporary Chicano writers Minorities in Business Minorities and the Mass Media (TV, film, radio, etc.) What is the roles of the media creating and maintaining ethnic stereotypes? U.S. Involvement in Latin America El Salvador, Mexico, Guatemala, etc. Effects on Immigration Policies Impact on Inter-ethnic relations Language Differences in America Bilingual Education Should America have more than one "national language"? Drug Abuse among Minorities Traditions in Chicano/Black/Asian culture Holidays and celebrations