.BICYCLE HELMET RESTRICTS HEARING AND VISION ENDANGERING THE USER. 2.HELMETS ARE HEAVY ,HOT AND UNCOMFORTABLE. 3.HELMETS ARE ONLY EFFECTIVE N MINOR CASUALTIES. 4.IT MAY INCREASE THE DAMAGE BY INCREASING WEIGHT IN OUR HEAD. 5.HELMETS ARE INCONVENIENT WHEN GETTING OFF THE BICK TO GO TO SHOPS. . Many people, rob chains while driving in the bikes, and covering their heads by using the helmets. 2. Young people who are under eighteen, are riding bikes with covering their heads with helmets; which will show that they are above 18; and so, many accidents takes place. 3. The helmets are not comfortable, and they seems to be a burden for the head. 4. Nowadays, the helmets are only manufacturing for poor quality. 5.The horn sounds cannot be heard because of the use of helmets. Hope this will help you.
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