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The Non Co-operation movement (N C M) also known as the Non Co-ooperation Khilafat movement. Their main aim was:-
#) Undo injustice done to the people of Amritsar (Rowlatt act and the                        jallianwalla  bagh mascare )
#) Undo injustice done to the Turkish Sultan (Khalifa of the muslims)
#) Indian Swaraj (Home rule )

The implementation was done in stages:
Stage 1) This step involved in the surrendering of the titles given to them by the British Government.
Stage 2) Boycott of civil services, army, police, courts and legislative councils, schools, and foreign goods.

In February 1922, Mahatma Gandhi decided to withdraw the movement as the movement was turning violent in many places and he felt that the satyagrahis needed to be properly trained before they would be ready for mass struggles. 

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