You would use the following points to make a speech on your own --                               ==================================                                                     Tourism is important as                              ===================================
# From educational point of view, it helps us explore the world-Its traditions and cultures.
# From economial aspect-It plays a huge role in domestic market economy.Lot of people who work in this branch have this only their source of income.
# It provides employment for local people. # Metally also, people understand the religious traditions,etc.This prevents discrimination on the basis of religions. ______________________________________________________
Teacher would like to ask u some twisted questions somewhat like--

-How would our economy be affected if tourism in our country is suddenly stopped ? What would be its consequences ?
-Tourism is indeed very important.Name some places in our country which play a crucial role in tourism.How does tourism at such places benefit our country ?
-Some country's economy is heavily inclined towards tourism in their country ? Name any of these countries .(E.g.Malta)  ______________________________________________________
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